Trustee - Fiduciary Agreements

The Pan African Cultural Heritage Society is the Membership Network of the Pan African  Cultural Heritage Alliance and its partners.  The National Black Business Support Corporation serves as the fiduciary for the Alliance and the societies.  

The primary purpose of the Alliance and the societies is to promote and advocate for the interest, 
preservation, and development of historic destinations, attractions, traditions, and economic markets of the diverse cultures of Pan Africa, to include the cultural and economic development of their villages and the welfare of their people. The Pan African Cultural Heritage Society is open to all cultures and people that have the interest to acquire knowledge of the culture and heritage of People of African Descent in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

The National Black Business Support Corporation Trustees Serve our Non-Profit Partners as a Fiduciary Agent for Membership and Grants.  The Pan Africa Societies have contracted with the National Black Business Support Corporation to provide subject services.  See below membership information:


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